DieselPro System Requirements
Heavy Truck Repair Shop Accounting Software

Minimum Requirements/Recommendations

Virtual Office Systems (VOS) Cloud Hosting

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No software purchase necessary.
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Any Windows operating system
Linux Ubuntu Server or Desktop w/Samba


2-4 Gb RAM
2.4GHz CPU
10 Gb disk space

U.S. English version only
1024 x 768 screen resolution
Standard keyboard and mouse

100 Mbps network card
100 Mbps switch or router
40 Mbps network bandwidth

High-speed Broadband Internet Access
GoToMyPc or Team Viewer or equivilent for remote support and training

Cabled workstations
Memory cache turned off
Wireless okay but not recommended
Hard drive read/write ahead turned off
Optimized Standalone Application File Server
Hardware specialists to troubleshoot faulty networks



DieselPro is a shared relational database program with approximately 100 files, some with over 100 fields. This makes it possible to record vast amounts of detail information with regard to shop work and vehicle service history. To provide the highest level of data integrity, DieselPro has a low tolerance for network glitches and dropped communication packets, as these problems may result in data file corruption. Networks must be maintained by qualified and experienced personnel for optimum performance and reliability.

Multiuser installations require an operating system capable of managing file and record locking and the number of users so desired. DieselPro places no limits on the number of records or number of users, nor does it provide network access or connectivity (handled by network operating system).

Virtual Office Systems (VOS)
hosting DieselPro Cloud is the best and most cost-efficient solution to expensive network application file servers, and the on-going maintenance cost. No software purchase necessary, get a free quote today!

Simple procedures help insure data integrity with any software, such as properly closing programs and screens as they are no longer needed. Open screens may mean one or more files are open. Closed files are immediately available, increases network performance, and decreases risks.

As there are NO REFUNDS on software. Potential clients may freely test DieselPro on their own network as well as the Virtual Office Systems platform, to their satisfaction. CLICK HERE

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